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Playtime A iTools

Nakladatelství: Oxford - Učebnice

Kód: 194046749

  • 3 díly vhodné pro děti ve věku 3-6 let
  • volitelné pracovní sešity
  • české metodické příručky pro všechny úrovně
  • Teacher’s Resource Pack s DVD – společný pro všechny díly
  • iTools


Stories, DVD and play- start to learn real-life English the Playtime way!

The fun, new three-level British English course with fully integrated DVD motivating pre-schoolers to learn through memorable stories and songs.

This great new series focuses on the real-life pre-school environment, a familiar setting for little ones to start learning English through other subjects.

Monkey (the puppet) starts every lesson in a fun way and the children's enthusiasm for English builds from the beginning.

Through easy-to-follow classroom routines for each lesson, children also learn to develop good habits and good behaviour.

Playtime's lively stories present natural language in familiar contexts - using integrated DVD as well.
This iTools DVD ROM is great for classroom use, either using an interactive whiteboard or a PC and a projector. All your resources in one place! Class Book pages All the flashcards SMART Notebook templates for every unit Make-your-own flipcharts section Picture dictionary All the songs from the Class Book Interactive games.

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